Senior Property Manager - Scott Mackay
Assistant Property Manager - Brianne Cook


Monday to Friday - 8.30am to 5.00pm
Saturday - 8.30am to 12.30pm (By Appointment)
Sunday - Closed


Phone: 07 3344 3060
Fax: 07 3344 3048
Email: [email protected]

Should you need to speak with one of the Property Managers in person, please contact the office first to make an appointment.  This ensures that the correct person is in when you plan on being here.


Payments can only be made by cheque, money order, Internet banking, direct debit or DEFT - no cash is accepted in the office.  Unless other arrangements are made, rent under your Residential Tenancy Agreement (lease) will be payable in advance.  If you are unable to make a rental payment, on or before the due date, please make immediate contact with us.


All repairs are to be reported to either of the Property Managers.  All repairs and maintenance (expect emergencies) must be put in written form on one of Maintenance Request Forms or by sending an email to the office.  Maintenance Request Forms are included with your inspection letter or you can pick up more from our office.

All repairs are attended to as promptly as possible, however, it is often necessary to obtain the landlords approval and/or quotes before any work can commence, so unfortunately a time lapse is sometimes unavoidable.

Should you have an emergency repair (see definition in the Emergency and General Repairs Procedure, which is an attachment to your lease) that requires immediate attention (after office hours) you will need to contact one of the tradespeople stated in the Emergency and General Repairs Procedure.

Electrician - Hollymans Electrical - 0411 651 835
Plumber - VDL Plumbing - 0423 432 462
Plumber - Ruiz Plumbing - 0414 458 203
Glass Repair - ASAP Glass - 1300 734 584
Tree Loppers - The Tree Specialists - 0423 522 448
Locksmith - Ace Locksmiths - 3808 3224


Bond must be equal to four weeks rent at all times and is held with the Residential Tenancy Authority.  Housing Queensland bond loans are considered, however bond transfers are not accepted.


During the course of your tenancy, the premises will be inspected periodically by our office.  Inspections will usually be on a four monthly basis and you will be advised in writing in advance.


All animals must be approved prior to moving into a property.  If you are already in a property you will need to put your request in writing to the office to ensure that you are allowed to have an animal or more animals (if that is the case). 


A duplicate key to most properties is retained in the office for emergency access.  Under special circumstances the keys can be borrowed (provided identification can be produced) during office hours but must be returned prior to close of business on the same day.  No service is available out of office hours or on public holidays.

Should you change the locks at your property during the tenancy you are required to give the office a copy of the keys as soon as possible.


We strongly recommend that you insure your personal possessions against any loss, damage or theft.  The landlord has no obligation to insure your personal belongings.


It is the tenant's responsibility to have phone, electricity, gas and any other services connected in their name.  It is also the tenant's responsibility to have the meter read prior to vacating the premises.

For more information about renting with us, simply contact your friendly Property Management team at Runcorn Realty on 07 3344 3060

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